15 october 2019, tuesday
27 september, 2019

All-Russian Conference On Environmental Education «From Environmental Education To The Ecology Of The Future»

Vladimir Vernadsky Nongonvermental Ecological Foundation holds The Sixth All-Russian Conference On Environmental Education «From Environmental Education To The Ecology Of The Future» on October, 29-31 2019.

12 september, 2019

Republican Library for Science & Technology (Minsk) invites libraries of the Republic of Belarus and foreign countries to join the project «Ecological Letter to XXII Century».

09 august, 2019

On May 16, 2019, the theoretical and practical lesson «The ecology everywhere: Where and how to find scientific literature” was held at the library of the Secondary School No. 1288,. At the lesson, the 10-graders learnt about the functions and specific features of ecological information, international information and analytical science databases (i.e. Web of Science, Scopus, Google Scholar and Russian Science Citation Index) and on how to use these resources.

30 may, 2019

Dear colleagues,

On June 13, 2019, at 9.00 ---11.00, within the program of the Fifth World Professional Forum «The Book. Culture. Education. Innovations («Crimea-2019»), the round table “Publishing and publications by specially protected natural reservations to be used as an environmental education resource” will be held.

09 april, 2012

Book “Specially protected natural sites of Perm” was issued in Perm. The authors are the researchers of biocenology and nature protection department of Perm State Scientific and Research Institute. The book is for specialists and students of ecology, biology, geography and for those who are interested in the nature of the native town.


09 april, 2012


Russian campaign “Green Weekend” dedicated to separate collection of waste will be from April 3 till May 20 under the aegis of Greenpeace, Russia…


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08 april, 2012

March 29-30, there was the 3rd International Forum “Ecology” dedicated to issues of protection and maintenance of water sources, in St. Petersburg. Representatives of profile federal and regional bodies of legislative and executive authorities, leading Russian and foreign environmental institutions including Lake Baikal Protection Fund, took part in the Forum.



08 april, 2012

UNESCO representatives supported the project for creation of the world cryo-storage for plants seeds offered by Egor Borisoiv, head of Yakutia. The corresponding decision was taken after the projects of the subject of the Russian Federation in the sphere of science, education and ecology were presented in the UNESCO headquarters in Paris.
Let г recall that he largest seeds bank called the “Doomsday Seed Vault” functions on Spitsbergen island since 2008.



05 april, 2012

Works for plating saksaul at the dry bed of the Aral sea to reduce salt and dust emissions into atmosphere were begun in Kyzylorda region. According to the region program financed from the regional budget the planted volume shall make 2 600 ha.

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04 april, 2012
Expecting coming Easter the Switz decided to find out how they can reduce wastes with eggs cooking. The way promulgated by the World Wildlife Fund will let to reduce energy costs thrice.
… Thus here is advice for eggs lovers sympathizing ecologists: always close the pot with the lid, never use the pot of a diameter bigger than of an electrical stove burner; pour two fingers of water– it’s enough; if you use ordinary electric stove – switch them off when water boils



03 april, 2012


150 countries and 6 525 cities and town took part in Earth Hour 2012

The campaign was the record one for six years. Hundreds thousands people all over the world sinbolically switched off the light for an hour promising to perform a feat for nature’s sake.

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