25 february 2020, tuesday


Hall Information

Зал экологической информацииEcological Reading Hall was created with the view to rapidly provide comprehensive information on the issues of ecology, nature management, and sustainable development to all specialists and interested parties.
At present, readers have access to editions of 2000-2009. Collections of the Ecological Reading hall contain about 7000 items, among which are: books, over 70 titles of journals, authors’ abstracts, express information of the All-Russian Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and optical disks. Readers have open access to all the listed materials. There are also rare editions in a special display booth.
In the hall readers have access to electronic catalog of RNPLS&T and to “Ecology: Science and Technologies” database. The database includes:
-  papers from the conferences, collected works of different institutions, treatises on the issues of industrial ecology and environmental protection that are in the collections of RNPLS&T from 1998 to present day;
           -  analytical descriptions of trade journals and serial publications that are in the collections of RNPLS&T from 2003 to present day.
As of the end of 2010, analytical abstract database “Ecology: Science and Technologies” contained 25000 documents including about 15000 articles from journals and continuing resources. Information for the database in chosen from about 600 Russian-language journals, as well as other editions on the themes included into the acquisition list of RNPLS&T.
In the Ecological Reading Hall readers have access to Internet and to electronic resources of partner libraries of RNPLS&T.