27 november 2022, sunday


Practical notes


Practical notes in ecology is a monthly series published by the ecological department. Its goal is to focus readers’ attention on the essentials and the basic principles of ecology and nature management.

Issue 1. The sustainable development principles   >>>>>

Issue 2. Ecological rights and duties of citizens. The international law   >>>>>

Issue 3. Ecological rights of citizens. The RF law   >>>>>

Issue 4. Ecological duties of citizens. The RF law   >>>>>

Issue 5. Official ecological organizations   >>>>>

Issue 6. Ecology in your apartment (kitchen)   >>>>>

Issue 7. Ecology in your apartment (living and bedrooms)   >>>>>

 Issue 8. Radiation safety   >>>>>

Issue 9. Division of function between central federal executive authorities within the unified state system for ecological monitoring  >>>>>

Issue 10. Full-text periodicals in ecology on the Internet   >>>>>

Issue 11. Digital full-text publications in ecology, nature conservation and management   >>>>>

Issue 12. Global climate changes. Internet-based full-text resources   >>>>>

Issue 13. Environment and global climate changes   >>>>>

Issue 14.  World large-scale radiation accidents. Part I   >>>>>

Issue 15. World large-scale radiation accidents. Part II   >>>>>

Issue 16. The roaring atom (based on the periodical: Profile: Business weekly. - 2011.- №10)   >>>>>

Issue 17. «THE GREEN OFFICE» (based on the mediaresouces of and   >>>>>

Issue 18. SIMPLE GREEN STEPS (based on the websites of Opticom Company and   >>>>>

Issue 19. The waste production problem. Separate waste collection   >>>>>

Issue 20. The waste management system in Moscow (based on the materials of Ecotekprom Company)   >>>>>

Issue 21. Forestry (based on Ecopedia website)  >>>>>

Issue 22. Responsible forest management (based on Ecopedia website)   >>>>>

Issue 23. Library ecostyle   >>>>>

Issue 24. Ecodesign   >>>>>

Issue 25. Natural and technogenic emergencies     >>>>>

Issue 26. Recycle batteries — save the planet. >>>>>