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«If it exists it can be measured»

Max Planck


Ecological information:
Methods and instruments of analytical and scientometrical research



"Information specialists are today at the focus of enormous volumes of data made available world-wide from science and its output . As information professionals they are in a position to handle these volumes of data and to distil reliable information from them. Who else in the scientific environment is able and willing to provide bibliometric data as a service for science managers - in an interdisciplinary manner and independent of their own scientific interests? Libraries and information facilities are independent, interdisciplinary institutions capable of providing these services."

Rafael Ball, Research Centre Jülich, Head of the Central Library Jülich,
2nd Conference of the Central Library «Bibliometric Analysis in Science and Research Applications,
Benefits and Limitations», November 5-7, 2003, Germany, Julich.


Globally, scientometrical analysis facilitates library collection development and also contributes to designing other methods of document arrays acquisition. For periodicals, impact factor makes the key selection indicator. Through bibliometrical research and other methods of library statistics and analysis, the trends in science publications can be evaluated which makes this subject scope relevant for the studies. Ecological studies are of particular importance and professional bibliometrical research in ecology enables to identify proactively vectors for eco-technologies development.


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