24 june 2021, thursday
19 april, 2021


Springer published the monograph «Fluvial Processes: Theory and Applications», Vol. 1 «Drivers and Conditions of River Channel Character and Change».  The author is Roman S. Chalov, Dr. Sc. (Geography), Professor of the Hydrology Department, Faculty of Geography, Moscow State University.

08 april, 2021

GREEN BELARUS Issue No.3 (205) international ecological digest is published by Eco-Info Information Center of Belarus National Academy of Sciences Central Scientific Library.

06 april, 2021

The MSU geographers demonstrated how, with satellite data processing algorithms, we can track out the evidences of the steppe fire, in particular those blamed on spent burnt out rocket stages. The study was accomplished within the framework of the Russian Science Foundation Project No. 20-77-10010. The study is presented in the publication of Arid Land Research and Management journal.

05 april, 2021

The new collection of historical materials linked to Web-GIS is loaded to the Geoportal of Russian Geographical Society. The collection is related to overseas expeditions of Russian navigators in the first half of the 19th century. The project is titled The Atlases of Russian Overseas Expeditions.


04 april, 2021

On March 15, the Russian Geographical Society launched the international Geographical Dictation question contest 2021.

The geographical dictation is the global educational initiative by the Russian Geographical Society. For the seventh time, it is to be held in fall 2021. The goal is to motivate the citizens to learn Russia’s geography and the Russian history of geographical discoveries.

30 march, 2021

New textbook published::

Decoding of aerial and satellite images: A textbook, [digital network publication] / E. A. Baldina, I. A.Labutina. – 2nd ed.,   revised and enlarged. – M.: KDU, Dobrosvet, 2021. – 260 p. – ISBN 978-5-7913-1163-4. – URL:

The second edition of the textbook (1st edition—2004), is revised and enlarged owing to the increased number and improved quality of user accessible satellite data and analysis methods of the recent decade.


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26 march, 2021

Earth Hour is the global action initiated by the WWF that calls for switching the lights for an hour as an expression of personal involvement in the planуt's future. Simultaneously, the lighting of world famous buildings and monuments will be switched off, too.

In 2021, the theme of Russian Earth Hour is open ecological information.

09 february, 2021

According to the Meteorological Observatory of the Faculty of Geography of Moscow State University, 2020 has become the hottest year in the history of observations in Moscow - since at least 1780. The average annual air temperature in Moscow in the outgoing year for the first time exceeded the mark of eight degrees, amounting to +8.1 ºС. Until now, the warmest year in the capital was the previous year 2019 with an average annual air temperature of +7.8 ºС.

03 february, 2021

Climate Change Newsletter No. 88 for December 2020 – January 2021 has been released.

The main themes of the issue:

  • 2020 is one of the three warmest years on record
  • On the results of the UN Climate Summit (December 2020)
  • Climate Resilience Summit (25-26 January 2021)
01 february, 2021

No. 1 (203) of the International Environmental Digest GREEN BELARUS of the Environmental Information Center "Eco-Info" of the Central Scientific Library of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus has been released.

29 january, 2021

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC Russia) newsletter of December 30, 2020 – January 28. 2021 is out.

In the news:

  • New international requirements for the chain of custodity;
  • Webinars on February 2 and 9;
  • 557 thousand hectares of Pomorie forests will be preserved
29 january, 2021


An interactive map of springs will be launched in the Kaluga Region. This decision was made at a meeting at the regional Ministry of Nature. It is planned to place not only information on the location and improvement of springs on the interactive map, but also information on the quality of drinking water.

25 january, 2021

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing global disruptions, the sixteenth meeting of the Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) Review Committee (POPRC-16) to the Stockholm Convention on POPs convened four months later than originally scheduled and online rather than in person. Despite the constraints of a virtual format, the POPRC addressed the same agenda it had planned for an in-person meeting in September 2020.

11 january, 2021

No. 12 (202) of the International Environmental Digest GREEN BELARUS of the Environmental Information Center "Eco-Info" of the Central Scientific Library of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus has been released.

17 december, 2020

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC Russia) newsletter of December 3-15, 2020 is out.

In the news:

  • New platform "Forest Volunteers";
  • Application of the new standard (online meeting 17.12);
  • FSC Global Strategy 2021-2026