05 august 2020, wednesday
04 july, 2020

On July 8, 2020 from 11.00 to12.00 MSC webinar for librarians working in the field of environmental education "Sustainable Development Goals - an occasion to make a calendar" will be held.

28 june, 2020

 On June 23, Webinar "Ecological resources: access to open and licensed databases" was held in RSLS&T.

09 june, 2020

Results of the Ecological Projects Competition online. Congratulations to the winners!

On June 8, 2020 in the framework of the solemn meeting in honor of the Ecologist Day, held by the V.I. Vernadsky Foundation and the All-Russian Society for the Protection of Nature, projects – winners of the Ecological Projects Competition online – were named. The contest was held by the Foundation from May 6 to May 24, 2020 with the aim of supporting the development of environmental education and awareness, online projects that contribute to the achievement of environmentally oriented sustainable development of the country.

25 may, 2020

Webinar “Libraries and Ecology: History of the Origin and Development of the Environmental Education Movement” was held by RNPLS&T on May 28, 2020.

22 may, 2020

Webinar “General information on environmental science and its place in modern world: librarian’s perspective” was held by RNPLS&T on May 20, 2020.

22 april, 2020

Dear colleagues! It’s time to study!

Open school of sustainable development offers online course “Sustainable development is strategy for planet Earth” (by Nelya Rakhimova)

The course is intended everyone who has interest in the subject without restrictions by age, level of education or professional field.

15 april, 2020

Every year on April 15th the Day of Ecological Knowledge is celebrated. The main goal of this holiday is to promote ecological knowledge and form people’s ecological culture, to inform about issues of in the field of environmental safety and the state of the environment, as well as educating and training a citizen who knows how to think ecologically.

13 april, 2020

Reception of materials for International Contest «GSDC – goal sustainable development calendar» is extended until May 21, 2020.

15 february, 2020

Webinar «Our Home. Nothing Extra (interactive lesson methodology)»

Webinar «Our Home. Nothing Extra (interactive lesson methodology)» for librarians working in the field of ecological education was held on February, 12th, 2020.

The International Contest GSDC – goal sustainable development calendar was announced.

04 february, 2020

Attention! Contest!

Russian State Public Library for Science and Technology (RSPLS&T) and Vladimir Vernadsky Nongonvermental Ecological Foundation (Foundation) announce International Contest «GSDC – goal sustainable development calendar». The contest will be held from February, 1, 2020 to May, 31, 2020.

30 december, 2019

On December, 5th webinar «Open tools for ecological education» for librarians working in the field of ecological education» was held in the RNPLS&T.

 322 people from more than 150 localities of Russian Federation participated in the event.

12 november, 2019

On November 18th-22nd, 2019 The Twenty Third International Conference and Exhibition "Information Technologies, Computer Systems and Publications for Libraries" "LIBCOM–2019" will be held in Suzdal. Within the framework of the Conference Eco-site will take place.

28 october, 2019

On October 14-23 lessons «Biblio- and scientometric for research and evaluation of information for project activities (on the example of environmental information)» were held by the employees of RNPLS&T.

15 october, 2019

On October 3rd city seminar for librarians serve children of Moscow "Every Library Is "Green" of "Ecologically Pure Thursday" cycle was held in the A.P. Gaidar CCLC.

16 september, 2019

The experience of libraries which won «Biblio-green in sustainable world» contest are presented in the ecological section of RNPLS&T web-site.