30 october 2020, friday




The Library holds webinars for librarians who specialize in population ecological education and information awareness. Within the framework of the webinars, efficient work formats and contest results are discussed. The webinars are often held with the participation of non-governmental ecological organizations.

See the materials and videos of the webinars at RNPLS&T’s website and YouTube channel.

July 8, 2020
«Sustainable Development Goals - an occasion to make a calendar»

June 23, 2020
«Ecological resources: access to open and licensed databases»

May 28, 2020
«Libraries and Ecology: History of the Origin and Development of the Environmental Education Movement»

May 20, 2020
«General information on environmental science and its place in modern world: librarian’s perspective»

December 5, 2019
«Open tools for ecological education» for librarians working in the field of ecological education»

May 21, 2019
«Russia’s protected territories: Resources and solutions for ecological education»

March 18, 2019
«Developing sustainably: Results of the third stage of the Project: Will it be continued?» Conlusions of the contest of essays and research works in sustainable development

February 20, 2019
«Open lesson in ecology. «The Great Northern Expedition (1733-1743)»

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