28 january 2020, tuesday
RNPLS&T started to acquire literature on ecology almost immediately after the library was founded in 1958. The topics of ecology, nature management, environmental protection, natural resources are often investigated in scientific and technical literature.
By now, RNPLS&T has accumulated a large collection of books and journals on ecology. The large part of it is available in a specialized reading room – Reading room for ecology, priority science and technology developments, where you can find necessary editions and gain access to theme databases on ecology. The list of new arrivals to the collection of Reading room for ecology, priority science and technology developments is updated on a monthly basis.
Since 2003 RNPLS&T has worked on creating a union ecological data bank of Russian and CIS libraries. You can learn more about the information resources of partner libraries of RNPLS&T in the section “Libraries’ green pages”.
RNPLS&T has a Group for Ecology & Sustainable Development Project Development, the staff of which organizes theme exhibitions and other events. In the framework of the “Crimea”  World Professional Forum (up to 2014 — International Conference) there is a section devoted to information support of ecological issues, as well as to cultivating environmental awareness of the population, and since 2018 there is International Conference on the global ecological problems. A round table “Ecological information in the modern world” is held on a regular basis within the framework of LIBCOM International Conference. Seminars and round tables are also conducted regularly in the Ecological Information Hall. You can find reports on ecological events in this section of the site.
In the ecological section of the web-site of RNPLS&T there is a constantly updated list of Russian and foreign ecological organizations.
Libraries news
30 december, 2019

On December, 5th webinar «Open tools for ecological education» for librarians working in the field of ecological education» was held in the RNPLS&T.

 322 people from more than 150 localities of Russian Federation participated in the event.

25 november, 2019

Book «Climate Management. Ghost of Global Warming» is presented in the ecological section of RNPLS&T web-site.

12 november, 2019

On November 18th-22nd, 2019 The Twenty Third International Conference and Exhibition "Information Technologies, Computer Systems and Publications for Libraries" "LIBCOM–2019" will be held in Suzdal. Within the framework of the Conference Eco-site will take place.

Ecology news
11 november, 2019

On October 3th-November 1st, 2019 VI All-Russian Conference On Environmental Education was held.

17 october, 2019

On October 24th, 2019 «Ecological Forum for Students» organized by Moscow Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection and Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography will be held in Moscow.

27 september, 2019

All-Russian Conference On Environmental Education «From Environmental Education To The Ecology Of The Future»

Vladimir Vernadsky Nongonvermental Ecological Foundation holds The Sixth All-Russian Conference On Environmental Education «From Environmental Education To The Ecology Of The Future» on October, 29-31 2019.