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The Group for Ecology and Sustainable Development Projects, Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology, invites teachers, pedagogues and students grades 1-11 to attend lessons and activity programs at the Library.

Unlike traditional content-based school lessons, the goal of library class is to draw students attention to the book (no matter in printed or digital forms) and to demonstrate that almost any publication is not only a means to get information, but also an individual subject to be studied with some expected (which is demanded information) or unexpected findings and results. The Librarys collection may prompt new original ideas and concepts and even change the mindset.

The books promise many prospects, even if these books are in the collections of sci-etch library. We offer our assistance in searching literature and applying it to solving urgent ecological problems.

The RNPLS&Ts librarians hold classes on the following topics:

Lesson duration – 10-30 minutes for 1-11 grade students (on the library visit or in the webinar mode):

  1. «Digital amentia and how not to get infected» – Lecture on the digital generation, information ecology, human’s perceiving information while reading books or surfing the Internet.
  2. Environmental protection and nature management in the old-time literature (based on 18th – 20th century books): An overall review;
  3. Reviews of individual old books or collections in ecology.

Workshops, duration 20-40 minutes, for 1-11 grade students.

  1. Workshop on climate changes based on “Meteorological bulletin”[Meteorologicheskiy vestnik] journal and Internet resources;
  2. Workshop on Kamchatka animal population, based on the materials of the Great Northern Expedition (1733-1743) and Internet resources, etc.
  3. The Series of events «Waste utilization problems: Is “Zero Waste” possible» by RNPLS&T.



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