24 june 2021, thursday


In fact, RNPLS&T has been acquiring literature in ecology since its establishment in 1958.

The subjects of “ecology’, “nature management”, “environmental protection”, “natural resources", "sustainable development” receive wide coverage in publications in technology and natural sciences.

For today RNPLS&T has accumulated a large collection of books and periodicals in these subject areas. Its significant part is accessible in the Library’s Reading room for ecology, priority sciences and technology developments, where you can find items you need and get access to the thematic Database “Ecology: Science and Technologies”. The list of new acquisitions to the Reading Room collection is updated on a monthly basis.

Since 2003, RNPLS&T, in cooperation with other organizations, has been building the single ecological information data bank of Russian and the CIS libraries. Please review the  information resources of RNPLS&T’s partner libraries  at  "The libraries’ Green Pages". The section Russian regions is updated on the regular basis and comprises materials on ecological situation in Russian Federation entities and links to the information resources in regional ecology.

The RNPLS&T’s Group of Ecology and Sustainable Development Projects organizes thematic exhibitions and displays, workshops, library lessons and other events. Within the annual World Professional Forum “Crimea” (before 2014, “Crimea” International Conference), the section on ecology information support and  ecological education of population, and since 2018, the International Conference in Ecology are held. The problems of ecology and sustainable development also get coverage at LIBCOM Conference. The reviews of the events are available through the Library’s website.

The list of  Russian and foreign ecological organizations is also available via the ecological section of RNPLS&T’s website. It is regularly updated.

Libraries news
28 april, 2021

On April 22, 2021 in the F.I. Tyutchev Bryansk Regional Scientific Universal Library the Interstate Scientific and Practical Conference "Chernobyl: 35 years later" was held.

27 april, 2021

On April 22, 2021 in the A. P. Gaidar Central City Children's Library a city workshop for employees of libraries serving children and adolescents "How to tell children about sustainable development" was held. The seminar was organized by the Methodological Department of the A. P. Gaidar Central City Children's Library.

21 april, 2021

“On the calendar design” – Meet O.Yu. Pchelyakova, leading graphic designer of V. I. Vernadsky Nongovernmental Ecological Foundation. The meeting was held within the framework of the project “Sustainable Development Goals Calendar: Preservation of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage” on April 19, 2021.

Ecology news
19 april, 2021


Springer published the monograph «Fluvial Processes: Theory and Applications», Vol. 1 «Drivers and Conditions of River Channel Character and Change».  The author is Roman S. Chalov, Dr. Sc. (Geography), Professor of the Hydrology Department, Faculty of Geography, Moscow State University.

08 april, 2021

GREEN BELARUS Issue No.3 (205) international ecological digest is published by Eco-Info Information Center of Belarus National Academy of Sciences Central Scientific Library.

06 april, 2021

The MSU geographers demonstrated how, with satellite data processing algorithms, we can track out the evidences of the steppe fire, in particular those blamed on spent burnt out rocket stages. The study was accomplished within the framework of the Russian Science Foundation Project No. 20-77-10010. The study is presented in the publication of Arid Land Research and Management journal.


International Contest "Sustainable Development Goals Calendar 2021"

Open full-text resources on ecology

Online conference «Libraries and Environmental Education: Theory and Practice»