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Interpol takes the plastic trail

04 september, 2020

The new Interpol report “Strategic analysis of new criminal trends in the global plastic waste market since January 2018”  presents a map of all new routes for illegal transportation of plastic, as well as information on the activities of organized criminal groups in this area. Investigators have also found a link between shady businesses and legitimate pollution control businesses that are used as cover for illegal operations. Numerous cases of falsification of documents have been revealed, when non-recyclable plastic or ordinary household waste was transported under the guise of high-quality recyclable materials, or even completely new goods.



All conclusions are made on the basis of information from open sources, as well as data provided by the police services of forty countries - members of Interpol. The report aims to answer two questions: what are the new trends and threats of the criminal plastic waste market, and what can be done about it.