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«Fluvial Processes: Theory and Applications»

19 april, 2021

Springer published the monograph «Fluvial Processes: Theory and Applications», Vol. 1 «Drivers and Conditions of River Channel Character and Change». The author is Roman S. Chalov, Dr. Sc. (Geography), Professor of the Hydrology Department, Faculty of Geography, Moscow State University.

“This book is the first English-language overview of the fluvial processes theory developed by one of leading Russian scientific schools. It is very important to bridge the Russian and English-language science, and to make the findings of fundamental research by Russian scientists accessible for foreign readers”,- says Roman Chalov.

This book presents an overview of the fluvial processes theory developed in the former USSR at Lomonosov Moscow State University for the last 50 years, following the famous manuscript by Professor Makkaveev in 1955.

The book demonstrates how principles from fluvial geomorphology and hydrology are used to develop an ecosystem approach to river analysis and management.  The channel morhodynamic classification is substantiated; reshaping of river channels is characterized and the methods of its identification are proposed; its dependence on water discharge and load, soil stability against stream flow is demonstrated. The origins of meandering, furcated and relatively straight channels, and relief mounds and their role in channel–forming deposit transportation are revealed.

Chalov R.S. Fluvial Processes: Theory and Applications / R.S. Chalov, Cham: Springer International Publishing, 2021. 576  ISBN 978-3-030-66185-4