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The Athropocene Epoch Exhibition

10 july, 2022

The Athropocene Epoch exhibition is open in RNPLS&T’s Reading Room for Ecology and Priorities in Science and Technology (room 21) on June 30 through July 31, 2022.  

The exhibition features the materials on the human impact on the planet appearance. In these publications, authors bring up sore spots of the human civilization in the early 21st century. Forest fires, floods, oil spills, ozone layer depletion, etc., are all the consequences of intensifying human activity. The materials on the display also cover discussions around the concept of “anthropocene”. Why this term make us revise the conventional idea of nature? Is there any chance to overcome apathy and helplessness associated with that talk of upcoming ecological crisis? The publications cover situations of environmental pollution, offer practical solutions to minimize negative impact of human activity and to preserve natural resources.

The exhibition will be interesting to those who care about environment, problems of climate change and the future of our planet. For the exhibition, the publications in RNPLS&T’s collection were selected: monographs, digests, textbooks, publications in ZNANIUM.COM electronic library system, IPR SMART digital educational resource, LitRes online library of digital and audiobooks, and publications from Springer fulltext database.

The bibliography is available at RNPLS&T website section  ">For users / Thematic exhibitions .