18 june 2024, tuesday


Online-fest on Vernadsky’s 160-th anniversary


Anniversary event dedicated to the 160th anniversary of the birth of V. I. Vernadsky (hereinafter referred to as the Festival)


The Organizer:

Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology (Group of Ecology and Sustainable Development Projects)

Period: March – October, 2023

The Festival Goal as the Organizers see it is to attract attention to

  • Scientific heritage of V. I. Vernadsky and scientific schools he founded
  • Scientific activity of “Circle of V. I. Vernadsky”: Vernadsky’s masters, friends and fellows, progeny, who determined the path of Russian science in the 20th century
  • Modern achievements and scientific discoveries made by Russian scientists in the 20th century

Organizations of science, education and culture may join the Festival.


Requirements to join the Festival:

Hold a themed event

Post information about the event on the website of your organization with logo "160 years since the birth of V. I. Vernadsky" (Attachment 1). Detailed presentation of the event will be welcomed.

Provide information about the event and a link to its description to the Festival Organizer ( no later than October 30.


Links to posts on the events held will be provided in the Environmental section of the Internet site of the RNPLS&T on the page dedicated to V. I. Vernadsky.

After the Festival , it is planned to publish a digital digest of materials (hereinafter referred to as the digest) “Libraries - for the anniversary of V. I. Vernadsky”. The digest is assigned ISBN, UDC and DOI indices. The digest will be in open access in the electronic library on the website of the RNPLS&T, the scientific electronic library, is indexed in the scientific citation database of the RSCI.

Festival participants are invited to provide a description of the event in the form of an article, essay or scenario of the event, drawn up in accordance with the requirements (Attachment 2, in Russian), for posting on the Festival page and publication in the digest "Libraries – for the anniversary of V. I. Vernadsky". The text may be accompanied by a presentation (in ppt or pdf format) or a video (mp4 format) about the event.

Providing materials for publication is NOT a requirement to join the Festival.

The pieces for publication are accepted no later than October 30.