27 november 2021, saturday

"Crimea" Conference

Since 1994, the International Conference "Libraries and Information resources in the Modern World of Science, Culture, Education and Business" (before 2003 "Libraries and Associations in the Transient World: New technologies and new forms of cooperation") is held annually in the Republic of Crimea (hence its generally accepted short title "Crimea").

In 2015, “Crimea” Conference became the part of the World Professional Forum “The Book. Culture. Education. Innovations”.

Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology acts as the main Forum organizer.

    Since 2001, within the framework of the Conference, the section «Ecological information and ecological culture» is held. The following problems are systematically discussed at the section:
-    professional education of environmental librarians;
-     sources of environmental information for libraries, forms and methods of ecological education in libraries and educating ecological culture;
-    technologies for access to environmental information

    Within the framework of the ecological section, the round tables have been held with the focus on population ecological education issues.
    The section discussions enable the librarians to share experience and to find solutions to many problems.

    In 2018, the section grew to a full-scale conference on the global ecological problems. The conference is also held within the framework of “Crimea” Conference that is the part of the Forum of the same name.

The site provides information on the work of the section for each year of its holding. Which includes:
- a review of the section,
- a program of work with links to the full texts of published reports;
- photos and video reports (if available)